The condition of the land is also an important factor upon which a woman would do well to take practical advice. Land that has been badly tilled and that is full of foul weeds and pests is to be avoided, but, on the other hand, old pasture may probably be made into very profitable market garden land by means of the plough, this class of ploughing usually costing only 15s. per acre.

As for the capital required for market gardening, it is by no means large, if the grower has a little to live upon in the meantime, and can afford to build up stage by stage from a small beginning. Practically the only initial expenses are the cost of seed, manure, and tools. From 10 to 15 would be ample to start an acre of old pasture land.

As the holding progresses, glasshouses and the more expensive appliances may be added; but, certainly, market gardening requires less capital than either practical farming, poultry keeping, or such enterprises where the cost of stocking has to be considered.

The whole crux of the question is the amount the grower has for her personal needs till such time as the produce is ripe for marketing.