Roll out the pastry after cutting off one-third and putting it aside for the lid. Grease a pudding-basin, line it neatly with the pastry, then pack in the rolls of steak and kidney; next pour in enough stock or water to half fill the basin. Roll out the piece for the lid, wet the edges, lay it over the pudding, press the edges together. Cover the pudding with a floured and scalded pudding-cloth, put the basin in a saucepan with plenty of fast-boiling water,, and let the pudding cook steadily from two to three hours.

Then either turn the pudding carefully on to a hot dish, or, what is better, serve it in the basin with a folded napkin pinned round it; it will then keep hotter-an important point, especially in the case of suet puddings.

Cost about 2s. 3d.

N.B.-A nice variety may be obtained by using mushrooms instead of kidney.