Acacia (White) - " Friendship." Acacia (Pink) - " Elegance." Acacia (Yellow) - " Secret Love." Acanthus - " The fine arts." Acalia - " Temperance," " Moderation." Achillea Millefolia - " War." This plant is commonly known as the yarrow, or milfoil, and is often called by the French "carpenter's wort," since it is supposed to heal wounds made by carpenter's tools. It is sometimes known as "Achilles' spear" - hence its meaning, "War." The legend runs that when the Greeks invaded Troy, Priam's son in-law, Telephus, attempted to stop their landing, but Bacchus caused him to trip over a vine-stem, and while he lay prone Achilles wounded him with his spear. Telephus was told that "Achilles" (meaning the plant yarrow) "would cure the wound," but confusing the name with that of the Grecian hero, he promised to conduct the host to Troy if he would heal the wound. Achilles agreed, and scraping some rust from his spear-hilt, let the filings fall to the ground, whence sprang up the plant milfoil. This, when applied to the Trojan's heel, immediately cured his hurt.

Achilles Ptarmica (Sneeze-wort) - The double-flowered yarrow is known in the West of England as " seven-years' love," and in former times was often carried by country bridesmaids to signify the constancy of the bridal pair.

Aconite (Wolf bane) - "Misanthropy." In Ger many this is called " Teufels-wurz," or "Devil's Wort."

Aconite (Crowfoot) - "Lustre," " Gold -shining."

Adonis Flower (Pheasant's eye) - " Sorrowful recollections." Called by the French " goutte-de-sang " (drop of blood), since it is said to have sprung from the blood of Adonis, who was gored by a wild boar while hunting.

African Marigold - " Vulgar mind."

Agnus Castus - " Coldness," " Chastity." Agrimony - " Thankfulness." The old spelling was argemony, from the Greek argemos - a white speck on the eye, which the ancient herbalists declared this plant would cure. Alchemilla (Lady's mantle) - " Dearly valued." This was much treasured by the alchemists, who collected the dew of its leaves for their operations. " Lady " means the Virgin Mary, to whom the plant was consecrated. Almond (Common) - " Indiscretion." Almond (Flowering) - " Hope," in reference to its early blossoms foretelling the coming of spring: " The hope, in dreams of a happier hour, That alights on Misery's brow, Springs out of the silvery almond flower, That blooms on a leafless bough." - Moore. A pathetic legend belongs to this tree. Demophoon, the son of Theseus and Phaedra, when returning from the immortal siege of Troy was cast by a storm on the shores of Thrace, then governed by the fairn young Queen Phyllis. She graciously received the wanderer, and their love being mutual, she became his wife. His father' death necessitated Demophoon's return to Athens hut in- promised faithfully to return a1 the month's end. Phyllis believed in him utterly, and counted the hour9 till he should return. She then repaired to the shore to watch for hi el. Hut though she came nine times down the rocky slope from tin- palace to the surf-beaten coast, no sail appeared upon the silent horizon. Overcome by grief, poor Phyllis sank to the ground and died, and was transformed into an almond tree. Three months later Demophoon returned; and, grief-stricken, offered a sacrifice upon the shore to propitiate the " manes" (or ghost friends) of his bride. Whereupon the almond tree, as if in tender forgiveness, at once put forth its delicate blossoms, to show that if jealousy be cruel as the grave, love is strong as death, " believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things," and changeth never.

Almond (Laurel) - " Faithlessness."

Aloe - " Grief." A Hebrew word, whence is aloe." The plant is and among the Jews was hung outside there houses to ward as the Chinese use garlic, and other folk horseshoes. Althaea Frutex (Syrian Mallow) - " Persuasion."

Alyssum - " Worth beyond beauty."

Amaranth (Globe) - "Changeless," " Immortality." called from the Greek word " (" Everlasting "), because, unlike other flowers, these blooms tain to the last most of their beautiful deep-red colour. " Love-lies-bleeding " belongs to this genus.

Amarantus (Cockscombs) - " Affectation." Amaryllis - " Pride," or " splendid beauty Ambrosia - " Love returned "

American Cowslip - " Divine beauty," or" You are my divinity." In April this pretty flower puts forth a coronet of twelve pink, bell-like flowerets, which has earned for it the name of Dodecatheon, which means, "the twelve divinities."