In previous articles on " crochet stitches worked in wool" a number of patterns have been described. The baby's bonnet and girl's linking cap are worked in double crochet, as described on page 1009, Part 8

A Baby's Bonnet

Materials required. - 2 1/2 ounces of white single Berlin wool; a fine bone crochet hook; 3 yards of white satin ribbon, 1 1/2 inches wide. Method of work. - Do 14 chain, turn with 1 chain and do a double crochet into each of the chain stitches, working through the back loop only, so as to form a raised ridge on the right side (Figure 1, page 1009). When the last stitch (the 14th) is reached, work 2 double crochet into it, and continue to work double crochet round the chain - viz., on the other side of it. When the last stitch is reached work 2 double crochet into it and continue to work round and round the strip of work, always doing 2 double crochet at both ends of the work.

Work about 34 to 36 rounds of double crochet for a small bonnet, and by that time the bonnet is shaped. Next turn back a piece in the front and do a small fancy edging all round the bonnet, both back and front. For this do * 3 chain and a double crochet into the last chain, so as to form a picot, then do a double crochet into the outside edge of bonnet and continue from *, working into every other stitch round the edge until the border is complete. Sew in a lace cap and put in white satin strings. Thread these in from the back (see illustration) and finish off with a small bow.

The baby's bonnet completed

The baby's bonnet completed. A piece of the work is folded back to form the front

Thread white satin strings in from the back and finish with a bow

A Girl's Rinking or Hockey Cap

Materials required. - 4 ounces of double Berlin wool; a medium sized bone crochet hook.

Method of work. - Crochet 4 chain, join, and double crochet into the hole to fill it up.

2nd row. - Do double crochet all round the small circle, working through the front and back stitches together (sec Figure 3, page 1009, but without turning the work), and creasing the number of stitches by 3 or 4, or more, if necessary. Continue to work round the circle, increasing every other row, or oftener if necessary. The number of increases depends largely on the worker as to whether the crochet is done tightly or loosely. Work the crown of the hat so as to keep it nicely rounded and not puckered. Do about 18 or

19 rounds for the crown, then continue to do the side of the cap by working round and round in the same way with double crochet, but cease to increase the number of stitches. After working about 12 rounds turn the crochet over on to the other side and work

20 rounds exactly in the same way. Then finish off, and turn up the lower portion of cap to form a brim 2 1/4 inches deep round the cap. Note. - If the cap is a good shape (see illustration) the brim should set nicely and tightly to the side of the cap. These caps are specially comfortable for rinking or hockey, as they fit closely to the head, and look remarkably well made in goblin-blue, bright scarlet, or navy.

The hockey or rinking cap designed to fit the head closely

The hockey or rinking cap designed to fit the head closely