Required: A quarter of a pound of mushrooms. One yolk of egg. Milk.

Salt and pepper to taste. For the buttered eggs: .

Three eggs.

One tablespoonful of milk. Salt and pepper. An ounce of butter. Slices of buttered toast. Carefully pick over and peel the mushrooms, cut them into small pieces, put them into a pan with milk to cover, and gently stew them, seasoning with salt and pepper. When they are tender, stir in the yolk of egg, which has been beaten and mixed with one tablespoonful of milk. Keep hot till required. Break the eggs into a basin, and proceed as directed for buttered eggs.

Have ready neatly trimmed slices of hot buttered toast, spread on them the mushroom mixture, and as quickly as possible heap up some buttered egg on each. Serve immediately.

Note.-Shrimps, anchovies, tomatoes, spinach, etc., can be used instead of mushrooms. Cost, 1od.