Required: Slices of cooked leg of mutton. One egg.

One tablespoonful each of salad oil and chutney. Two tomatoes. Breadcrumbs. Salt and pepper. (Sufficient for six.)

Stalk and halve the tomatoes. Cut the slices of mutton into strips about 2 inches long, and 1 1/2 inches wide. Brush these pieces over with salad oil, and spread one side of each with chutney. Mix a little salt and pepper with the crumbs. Beat up the egg on a plate. Brush each piece of mutton with beaten egg, and cover it with the crumbs. Flatten these on with a knife. Heat some dripping in a frying-pan, and when a faint smoke rises from it put in one or two pieces of tomato and a fillet or two of mutton. Fry the mutton a golden brown on both sides, turning it once or twice. Drain the fillets on paper, and keep them hot until all are fried.

When all the fillets and slices of tomato are cooked, arrange the fillets neatly on a hot dish, with the pieces of tomato round.

If possible, hand a tureen of tomato or brown sauce with this dish. Cost, about 1od.