Required: One large cauliflower. Two and a half ounces of flour. One egg and one extra yolk. One tablespoonful of salad oil or melted dripping. Three tablespoonfuls of milk.

Mix the flour and salt together in a basin, add the yolks and the milk, and mix all smoothly together. Next beat the batter well and let it stand while the cauliflower is being prepared. Wash the cauliflower very thoroughly; it is an excellent plan to hold it under the cold-water tap. Put it in a pan of boiling salted water (with the flower downwards), and cook it until it is just tender. Then break it carefully into large sprays. Put the pan of frying fat on the fire to heat. Whisk the white of egg to a very stiff froth, and stir it very lightly into the batter. With a skewer dip each spray into the batter, then drop it into the frying fat, after making sure that it is so hot that a bluish smoke is rising from it. Fry the pieces a golden brown. Drain them well on paper, and serve piled up in a hot vegetable-dish.