Required: Four tablespoonfuls of grated cheese.

Three tablespoonfuls of white crumbs.

Salt and cayenne.

One egg and one extra yolk.

Quarter of a pint of milk.

Six ounces of any kind of pastry, puff by preference. (Sufficient for six persons.)

Roll out the pastry, ana with a fancy cutter stamp it into neat rounds. If it is puff pastry, the tins need not be greased; otherwise grease them slightly, then line with the pastry.

Mix together the crumbs, cheese, salt, and cayenne. Beat up the eggs, add the milk, then the cheese, etc. The mixture should be the thickness of good cream. If necessary, add a little more grated cheese. Fill the patty-tins half full of the mixture; bake them in a moderate oven until both pastry and mixture are of a delicate brown. Sprinkle a little grated cheese on the top of each, and arrange them on a lace paper.