Required: Six large carrots. Two onions. Three sticks of celery. Two ounces of dripping. Three ounces of ham or bacon. Three pints of stock. Salt, pepper, and castor sugar. (Sufficient for six.)

Peel and slice the onion, wash the celery and slice that also. Melt the dripping in a saucepan, and when it is hot put in the onion and celery, and cook them gently. Wash and scrape the carrots, cut off all the red part, add this with the ham or bacon cut in small pieces to the onion, etc. Put the lid on the pan, and let the contents cook for ten minutes, then add the stock, and cook until the vegetables are tender. Next rub the whole through a sieve, rinse out the pan with water, put back the soup, bring it to the boil. Skim it well, then let it cook gently for ten minutes. Next add about a tea-spoonful of castor sugar and salt and pepper to taste.

Cost, about 1s.