Filleting Quite a Simple Operation - Wash and Dry the Fish - Remove the Skin when Necessary-use the Trimmings to Make Stock - How to Egg and Crumb the Fillets for Frying

Every cook should know how to fillet and skin fish. True, in towns, this is usually done by the fishmonger; but it is far more economical to do it at home, for then the trimmings can be boiled down to make fish sauces and soup.

Filleting is quite a simple operation, and, with the help of the two illustrations, should present no difficulties, even to amateurs.

First, wash and dry the fish. Lay it fiat on the board with the tail towards you, and the white side of the fish downwards (see Fig. I). Take a sharp knife, cut round the head bone, and across the tail. Next cut round the edge of the fi n s where the flesh ends. It is simplest to cut the fins off, but, if pre-ferred , nierely cut down to the bone. Turn the fish over, and (A) shows the fins cut off cut through the white skin down to the bone. Next make a long cut down the backbone on each side of the fish, following a faint line to be seen on the fish.

Fig.I.Filleting a plaice

Fig.I.Filleting a the white side of the fish downwards, cut round head bone, across tail, and round the fins. Make a long cut down the backbone on each side of the fish.

Be sure to cut down until the bone can be felt with the knife.