I t has fallen to the lot of few women to have had such an adventurous career as Lady Sarah Wilson, for she was shut up in Mafeking during the Boer War, has acted as war correspondent of a daily newspaper, and has witnessed many exciting and wonderful scenes in various parts of the world. In addition, she has had a brilliant social career. As a child, she lived in the semi-regal state of Dublin Castle during the Viceroyalty of her father, the seventh Duke of Marlborough. In 1891 she married Captain Gordon Wilson of the "Blues," the wedding being among the smartest of the year. The Archbishop of Canterbury performed the rite, in the presence of King Edward, then Prince of Wales, who was a personal friend of Lady Wilson and her husband. In accordance with the Churchill traditions, by the way, Lady Sarah was married in a low-cut gown and with her veil thrown back from her face, as is the custom of English Royalty. Lady Wilson is an ideal hostess, and as a bridge player has few equals.

Lady Sarah Wilson Dover Street Studios herself with young people and to give them the best of good times

Lady Sarah Wilson Dover Street Studios