Required: About a pound of cold mutton. Quarter of a pint of carrot cut in balls. Quarter of a pint of potatoes cut in balls. Two ounces of butter. One ounce of flour. One pint of stock. Half a teaspoonful of vinegar. One tablespoonful of ketchup or Harvey sauce. One carrot and onion. Salt and pepper.

Cut the mutton in neat slices, putting the bones and trimmings in a saucepan with about three-quarters of a pint of water, and cook them steadily for stock.

Wash and prepare two or more carrots and potatoes, then with a small round vegetable cutter scoop out neat balls; if no cutter is available, cut the carrot and potato into neat dice. Boil them until tender in salted water.

Slice the onion and carrot. Melt the butter in a saucepan, put in the onion and carrot, and fry them a good brown, sprinkle in the flour, and fry that also. Add the vinegar, stir over the fire for a minute or two, then strain in the stock, and stir until it boils. Season this sauce c are fully, adding Har-vey sauce.

Put the mutton in a casserole, strain the sauce over it, add the potato and carrot balls. Put the casserole in the oven, and let the meat heat through very gently. Serve it in the casserole.

N.B.-The trimmings of carrot and turnip should be boiled with the bones for making stock.