Required: Half a pound of cold mutton. Four ounces of ham or bacon. A little thick sauce. Half a pound of pastry. One egg. Breadcrumbs. Salt and pepper.

One teaspoonful each of finely chopped onion and parsley.

Chop the mutton and ham nicely. Add to them the parsley, onion, and five or six tablespoonfuls of sauce or gravy to moisten the mixture nicely. Season it carefully with salt and pepper, then spread it out on a plate to cool.

Roll the pastry out very thinly on a floured board, stamp it out into rounds about three and a half inches in diameter. Put some of the prepared meat mixture in the centre of each, brush the edge of the pastry with beaten egg, and fold one side over so as to form a half-circle, press the edges well together. Brush each rissole over with beaten egg, then cover it with crumbs. Have ready a pan of frying fat; when a bluish smoke rises from it put in the rissoles two or three at a time, and fry them a golden brown. Drain them well on paper, and serve them piled up on a lace paper.

N.B.-If liked, the rissoles may be coated with broken vermicelli instead of crumbs.