Required: Half a pint of port wine. Half an ounce of leaf gelatine. One clove.

A small piece of cinnamon. One ounce of loaf sugar. A few drops of cochineal.

Put into a bright steel or enamel pan a little of the wine, the gelatine, clove, and cinnamon. Stir these over the fire until the gelatine has dissolved. then add the sugar and a few drops of cochineal. Strain these into the rest of the wine. Mix all together. Rinse out some small moulds with cold water, pour in the jelly, and leave it until cold and set.

Dip each mould into tepid water, and slip the jelly out on to a dish.

Tiny border moulds are very effective, the centre being filled with whipped cream. Whip a little cream until it will just hang on the fork, flavour it with vanilla and castor sugar, and heap it in the centre of the mould, or here and there round it.