Sometimes, in cases of great weakness, doctors order raw meat for a patient.

The following is by far the best way of giving it:

Required: Three ounces of fresh lean steak.

One teaspoonful of cherry brandy or cream. A piece of butter the size of a small nut. A little salt or sugar.

Wipe the meat quickly with a cloth dipped in hot water; then scrape it into fine shreds with a sharp knife. Next rub it through a coarse wire sieve. Then mix with it the cream or brandy and the sugar or salt; these will disguise the raw flavour of the meat. Shape the mixture into neat small marbles. Rub a small pan over with butter, heat it, put in the balls, and roll them about in the pan over a quick fire until the outside of the balls changes colour, but be sure that they are not allowed to really cook. Some doctors object to them even being heated. Serve them with a little wine or soup.