Girton Soup. Easily prepared in half an hour.

Whiting a I'horly. Will go further than the plainly boiled fish, and makes a daintier dish than item on original menu.

Fricasseed Veal. Merely requires some good white sauce, prepared in about ten minutes, in which to re-heat, but not cook, the meat; fried bacon, cut lemon, and toast.

Fried Potatoes. Time to cook, about fifteen minutes, or less.

Cherry Pudding. The cold pudding, re-heated by steaming. Time required, about half ah hour. Bottle of cherries opened, contents heated, and the syrup flavoured if desired.

Sardine Toasts. Item on original menu.

Sardine Toasts

Sardine Toasts

When providing a meal in a hurry, commonsense must be shown in the curtailment of time whenever possible. Methods must be simplified, and ingredients that are unavailable must be omitted altogether, or others of a similar nature substituted.

For example, Girton soup is really intended to be prepared with raw potatoes; but for an emergency meal, if by good luck there are cooked potatoes in the larder, use them, and save twenty minutes' cooking.

Again, for fricasseed veal, it is usual to simmer the milk for the sauce for about fifteen minutes, to give it flavour, and to make stock for it from the veal bones and rough bits; but if this is impossible, flavour the sauce with special care with seasoning, grated onion, a few drops of lemon-juice, and a few grains of powdered mace, and use all milk, or milk-and-water, instead of stock.

Following are directions for preparing these dishes in the quickest possible way.