Required: An ox cheek.

Four slices of ham or lean bacon. Two ounces of butter or good dripping. Three carrots. One head of celery. One onion.

A bunch of parsley and herbs. Four quarts of water. Salt, pepper, and a little mace. A glass of sherry. A little colouring, if necessary. [Sufficient for twelve or more persons.)

Wash the cheek very thoroughly, and break the bones. Have ready a large pan, put in the ham, butter, and the cheek, put these over a gentle heat while the vegetables are being prepared.

Wash and prepare them, and cut them up into small pieces, tie the herbs in a bunch, add the vegetables and herbs to the other ingredients, and cook them over a gentle heat for from twenty to thirty minutes. Then pour in the water, bring it to the boil, and let it cook steadily for about two hours, until it is reduced to rather more than two quarts.

Take out the cheek, remove all the bones, and cut the meat into neat, small pieces. Keep these hot while the soup is being finished.

Strain the soup into a clean pan. Mix about three tablespoonfuls of flour smoothly with a little cold water, stir this into the soup, then stir it over the fire until it boils and becomes slightly thicker. Season it carefully with salt and pepper, add the sherry-this may, of course, be omitted if preferred, and if it is not a good colour add a little colouring. Pour it on the meat in a hot tureen, and serve with it neat croutes of bread.

Cost, about 2S. 6d.