Required : Half a pound of any cooked game. Two tablespoonfuls of fresh white crumbs. One egg and one extra yolk. Two teaspoonfuls of chopped parsley. Two teaspoonfuls of red-currant or rowan jelly. Half a gill of game stock. Salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Three ounces of boiled macaroni. (Sufficient for six.)

Thickly butter a plain round tin such as used for souffles. Cut the macaroni into thin rings, press these firmly into the butter on the tin, so that- it is evenly lined with rings of macaroni. Put the bones of the game in a saucepan with a bunch of parsley and herbs, a small piece of onion, and a gill or more of water; let this cook steadily. Chop the game, and mix with it the crumbs and parsley. Beat up the egg and yolk, strain the stock from the bones when it has cooled slightly, pour it on the beaten egg, then strain these into the other ingredients, and mix thoroughly. Season carefully, add the jelly and parsley, and gently pour the mixture, which should be stiff, into the tin, taking care not t o disarrange the macaroni. Press the mixture well down, cover the tin with a piece of greased paper, and steam it gently for one hour. Turn the timbalc carefully on to a hot dish, and pour any good sauce round. Cost, about 2s.