Required : A shoulder of mutton.

For the stuffing: Four ounces of breadcrumbs.

Three ounces of bacon.

One teaspoonful of chopped onion.

One teaspoonful of chopped parsley.

One teaspoonful of mixed herbs.

Two teaspoonfuls of mushrooms.

One egg.

Salt and pepper. For braising: A bunch of parsley and herbs.

Two quarts of stock.

One large carrot, turnip, and onion.

Glaze. (Sufficient for ten to twelve.)

Bone the mutton, but leave in the knucklebone, sawn off to a neat length. If you cannot bone the joint, ask the butcher to do so ; but it is quite easy with a sharp knife.

Mix together the crumbs, bacon, mushrooms, herbs, onion, and parsley, seasoning highly, and binding the mixture rather stiffly with beaten egg. Push this stuffing into the cavity made by removing the bone, and with a trussing needle and fine string sew up the edges. Tie the joint into a neat, narrow shape with tape.

Well butter a deep stewpan, put in the bones from the mutton, and the carrot, turnip and onion cut in slices, also the parsley and herbs. Lay the joint on the vegetables, pour in the stock, put on the lid, and let it simmer very gently from about one and a half to three hours.

When done, place the meat on a hot dish, and brush it over with a little melted glaze to brown it nicely.

Serve it with nice brown sauce poured round.

Note. - If preferred, the shoulder may be merely braised without first being stuffed. In that case, cut the vegetables into neat dice, and serve them in little heaps round the dish.

Cost, from 4s. 6d. for 5 lb.