Required: One and a half pounds of loin of mutton. A quarter of a pound of larding bacon. An ounce of butter. A little glaze. Four artichoke bottoms

Remove all bone and unnecessary fat from a well-hung loin of mutton, cut it into fillets about one and a half inches thick, flatten them out slightly with a heavy knife dipped in hot water, and shape them into neat fillets. Next lard them neatly round the edge with lardoons of fat bacon, trim these neatly and make them all the same length. Dust each fillet with salt and pepper, and brush with melted butter.

Wrap the fillets up in a piece of greased paper, and cook them in a quick oven from twelve to fifteen minutes. Then remove the paper, brush each fillet over with a little melted glaze, and put them back in the oven for the lardoons to get crisp.

Have ready some cooked artichoke bottoms, make a bed of mashed potatoes on a hot dish, and on this arrange a circle of alternate fillets and artichokes.

Serve Poivrade sauce with it.

Cost, 3s. 2d.