Required : One pound of seakale. Boiling water. Salt.

Three-quarters of a pint of good white sauce. A little chopped parsley. (Sufficient for four.)

Trim off all the stump, except just enough to hold the stems together. Wash each piece most carefully, otherwise it will probably be gritty ; this is best done by holding it under the cold-water tap. Tie several pieces together in small bunches with tape. Lay them in boiling, salted water, and boil quickly for about twenty to thirty minutes, until the pieces are tender. This is best ascertained by piercing them with a skewer.

Lift them out of the water and drain them well. Arrange a slice of toasted bread in a hot dish, place the pieces neatly on this, the heads all together. Pour the sauce over them. Lastly, sprinkle on a little chopped parsley. Cost, from 1s. 2d.