The dishes should be spotlessly clean, and the fruit wiped and looked over. Grapes may be cut into bunches of a suitable size, unless the bunch is very large, when it may be manipulated at table with the aid of grape scissors. Fresh fruit should be decorated with fresh green leaves if possible. It is permissible for the fruit to form part of the table decoration; but it certainly appears to be more inviting when it is only put on the table in time for dessert. Bonbonnieres are usually filled with ginger, chocolate, preserved fruits, or other sweetmeats. Before dessert is put on the table, everything that will no longer be required should be removed, and the crumbs taken off with a scoop, which is less noisy and more effectual than a brush. When there are two waitresses, narrow damask slips are sometimes laid neatly down the table; before the dessert comes on these are quickly and quietly lifted off.

Hints For A Young Waiting-Maid

1. Her black dress should be neat and well brushed, her apron and cap spotless, her hair neatly and suitably dressed.

2. Her hands and nails should be perfectly clean.

3. She should avoid wearing creaking boots or slippers.

4. She should avoid eating strong-smelling substances (such as onions) before waiting at table.

5. She should be on the alert, and quickly and quietly hand whatever is wanted, and remove plates that are finished with.

6. She should take no notice of the conversation, and should on no account smile at any humorous remark or story.

7. Before clearing a table she should replace each chair in its usual place by the wall.

8. Dirty plates should not be piled on one another with knives and forks between. A two-divisioned wire basket, lined with a cloth or piece of folded white paper, should be used for the knives and silver. Plates are often placed in a circular basket reserved for the purpose, which costs, when lined with tin, from 5s. 6d. to 6s. 9d.

Usual Order Of An Elaborate Dinner




Joints, Removes, or Releves.

Game or Rots.





Advantages Of Dinner A La Russe

1. The host and hostess are more able to enter into conversation with their guests.

2. It is more rapidly served, and is therefore hotter,

3. The quantity required can be more correctly calculated, as it is not necessary to have a handsome joint.

4. Each diner can take just the amount and the part preferred.

5. The table has more space for decoration.