Chocolate Eclairs (1)

Put an ounce of butter in a saucepan on the fire, with about six tablespoonfuls of water. When beginning to boil add about two and a half ounces of flour, stirring with a wooden spoon about five minutes; then remove from the fire and add, one by one, four eggs, stirring rapidly until each is well mixed; then put your mixture in a cornucopia of stiff paper, with a hole in the point, through which press it on a pan, forming little shapes similar to lady-fingers. Send them to a gentle oven for about twenty minutes, or until firm; let them become cold; then make an incision in them the length of each through the middle. Put in a saucepan two eggs, two tablespoonfuls of corn-starch, two ounces of sugar, a glass of milk, a teaspoonful of vanilla, and stir all together on the fire. Just before beginning to boil remove from the fire and let it become cold; then fill the inside of your eclairs with. your cream. Melt an ounce of chocolate in a tablespoonful of water, boil half a pound of sugar as the foregoing, mix thoroughly with your chocolate, with which cover your eclairs. - Pierre Caron.

Chocolate Eclairs (2)

Prepare a batter as for Boston cream puffs, as follows: Take one pound of flour, one ounce of sugar, one quart of cold water, half a pound of butter, and sixteen eggs; put the water and butter into a bright and clean round-bottomed saucepan; place on the fire, and as soon as the water commences to boil remove it from the fire, and immediately add and rapidly stir in the flour and sugar. As soon as these are well mixed and smooth add and stir in the eggs, two or three at a time, till all are thoroughly incorporated; fill a biscuit forcer or a meringue bag with the batter, and press it out upon buttered baking-tins, in the same manner that you would lady-fingers, making cakes of it about five inches long and about an inch in diameter. Lay out these cakes at about two inches apart on the tins, as they swell considerably in baking; bake in a hot oven. When baked and cold make an opening on one side of each cake and fill them with a soft-ish custard, made as follows: Take a quarter of a pound of powdered sugar, two ounces of flour, the yolks of four or five eggs, and one and a quarter pints of milk, and a dessertspoonful of vanilla extract; put the sugar, flour, and yolks into a saucepan, stir them well together, then slowly add and stir in the milk and flavor; set it upon the fire and stir constantly till it thickens to a smooth custard. Before filling the cakes the tops should be dipped and covered with chocolate icing, made as follows: Melt one or more ounces of chocolate with half a pint of water in a saucepan, and add to it, when melted, three ounces of fine sugar; stir and boil for three or four minutes, then remove it from the fire, and dip and cover the top of each cake with this chocolate icing, or they may be dipped in melted chocolate fondant, - Confectioner's Journal.

Chocolate Eclairs (3)

Prepare some batter as for cream puffs, fill a meringue bag with it, and press it out upon a well-buttered baking-tin in cakes about an inch wide and five inches long. Let there be two inches between each cake; bake in a quick oven fifteen to twenty minutes. When cold slit one side, open carefully and fill with the cream given above, and ice the top of each cake with chocolate prepared as follows: Melt two ounces of chocolate with a tablespoon-ful of water; add four ounces of powdered sugar; stir to a paste thick enough to spread without running, and coat the top of each cake with it, or dip the tops of the cakes into it; either way will do. - Confectioner's Journal.