Baker's Breakfast Cocoa

In 1-2 lb. packages (tin), Is made from selected cocoa, with the excess of butter of cacao removed, and guaranteed to be absolutely pure. It is more than three times the strength of other cocoas, making an economical, excellent, and delicious beverage for breakfast or supper, Costing less than One Cent a Cup.

A general favorite with all who have tried it. When purchasing be sure that your grocer supplies you with Baker's Breakfast Cocoa, as there are imitations offered at a lower price.

A prominent and experienced New York physician says: "Experience from many years' practice in the treatment of lung diseases has convinced me that, as an article of diet for those suffering with any form of consumption, chocolate is far preferable to tea or coffee; in fact, the two last-mentioned articles are injurious in many cases, while chocolate, being an aliment and analeptic, is particularly serviceable where digestion has been impaired by disease. Having examined several specimens of chocolate I find that Baker's may be conscientiously recommended to invalids."

In 1-4 lb. cakes. One-half the weight of the cocoa-beans consists of a fat called Cocoa-Butter, from its resemblance to ordinary butter. It is considered a great value as a nutritious, strengthening tonic, being preferred to cod-liver oil and other nauseous fats so often used in pulmonary complaints. As a soothing application to chapped hands and lips and all irritated surfaces Cocoa-Butter has no equal, making the skin remarkably soft and smooth. Many who have used it say they would not be without it, it is such a useful article to have in every household.


In 1-lb. packages.

Cocoa-Shells are the thin outer covering of the beans. They have a flavor similar to but milder than cocoa. Their very low price places them within the reach of all, and as a pleasant and healthy drink they are considered superior to tea and coffee.

Packed only in one-pound papers, with our label and name on them.

Racahout Des Arabes

In boxes, 6 lbs. each, - 1-2 lb. bottles. This celebrated preparation is a most nutritious substance, and has become indispensable as an article of diet for children, convalescents, ladies, and delicate or aged persons; is composed of the best nutritive and restoring substances, suitable for the most delicate system. It is now a favorite breakfast beverage for ladies and young -persons, to whom it gives freshness and embonpoint. It has solved the problem of medicine, by imparting something which is easily digestible, and at the same time free from the exciting qualities of coffee and tea, -thus making it especially desirable for nervous persons, or those afflicted with weak stomachs. Racahout has a very agreeable flavor, is easily prepared, and has received the commendation of eminent Physicians, as being the best article known for convalescents, and all persons desiring a light, digestible, nourishing, and strengthening food.

Goods For Confectioners' Use

W. Baker & Co.'s Caracas Liquor, in cases, 100 lbs. each.

W. Baker & Co.'s Maracaeb0 Liquor, in cases, 100 lbs. each.

Eagle Pure Chocolate Liquor, in cases, 100 lbs. each.

Also W. Baker & Co.'s Cocoa And Shells, in bags, 12 and 25 lbs. each.

W. Baker & Co.'s Cocoa-Paste, in boxes, 12 lbs. each.

Vanilla Chocolate Tablets (for eating), in boxes, 7 lbs. each.

Medals And Diplomas Awarded To Walter Baker & Co.

The World's Industrial Exposition, New Orleans, 1884. Southern Exposition, Louisville, 1883. Mechanics' Institute, Boston, 1878. Paris Exposition, 1878. Mechanics' Institute, San Francisco, 1877. U.S. Centennial Exhibition, 1876. Vienna Exposition, 1873. Mechanics' Institute, New Orleans, 1871. Paris Exposition, 1867. Mechanics' Institute, Cincinnati, 1855. Maryland Institute, 1853. Crystal Palace Exhibition, N.Y., 1853. American Institute, N.Y., 1853. Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 1853. Mechanics' Institute, Boston, 1853. Maryland Institute, Baltimore, 1852. Smithsonian Institution, Washington.