Established in the Year 1780.

Walter Baker & Co., Dorchester, Mass., Manufacturers Of Chocolate, Broma, And Other Preparations From Cocoa Seventeen Medals And Diplomas Received From The Great International And Other Exhibitions.

Frequent analyses have been made, under the direction of Boards of Health and sanitary associations in our large cities, to determine the purity of chocolate and cocoa preparations sold in this country, and in every such analysis the articles manufactured by Walter Baker & Co., are reported to be entirely pure and free from the admixture of deleterious substances.

Baker's Premium No. 1 Chocolate, In 1-lb. packages, blue wrapper, yellow label,Is the fresh roasted cocoa-beans carefully selected and prepared, then moulded into cakes. It is the very best preparation of plain chocolate in the market for family use. Celebrated for more than a century as a nutritive, salutary, and delicious beverage.

Baker's Vanilla Chocolate

In 1-2 lb. packages, Is guaranteed to consist solely of choice cocoa and sugar, flavored with pure vanilla beans. Particular care is taken in its preparation, and a trial will convince one that it is really a delicious article for eating or drinking. It is equal to any of the imported chocolates. For tourists and those who wish a very pleasant article for eating dry, and without any preparation, it is the best.

German Sweet Chocolate

In 1-4 lb. packages, Is one of the most popular sweet chocolates sold anywhere. It is palatable, nutritious, and healthful. It is a great favorite with children, and an excellent substitute for much of the confectionery now offered to the public.

Beware of Imitations, The Genuine is Stamped S, German, Dorchester, Mass.

Baker's Prepared Cocoa

In 1-2 pound packages, yellow label, Is a perfectly pure and refreshing beverage, prepared exclusively from selected cocoa. It is safely recommended to those who wish a wholesome preparation, combining all the properties of the cocoa-beans. It has for nearly a century been a standard article of consumption.

Baker's Cracked Cocoa, Or Cocoa Nibs

In 1-2 and 1 lb. packages and 6 and 10 lb. bags, Is the fresh roasted bean cracked into small pieces. It contains no admixture, and presents the full flavor of the cocoa-bean in all its natural fragrance and purity. When properly prepared it is one of the most economical drinks. Dr. Lankester says cocoa contains as much flesh-forming matter as beef.

Baker's Broma,

In 1-2 lb. packages (tin), Is a preparation of pure cocoa and other highly nutritious substances, pleasantly flavored and sweetened. It contains a large proportion of theobromine, and possesses powerful restorative qualities. Its delicacy of flavor and perfect solubility have made it a favorite drink among thousands.

The Medical Gazette says: "Broma, an admirable preparation, alike agreeable to the well and the sick, has acquired a reputation which we think it certainly deserves. Hospitals, infirmaries, and households generally, should always be provided with it. When gruel, arrow-root, and many other things ordinarily resorted to for patients are of no utility, broma is sometimes relished and assimilates well. Medical men of all shades of opinion recommend it to their patients instead of tea or coffee.