Lentil Soup

Cook until tender and rub through a colander. To 1 pint of sifted lentils add 1 tablespoonful of nut butter, 1 grated onion, and salt to taste. Add sufficient water to make of the right consistency for soups. Thicken with 1 teaspoonful of white flour to keep it from settling, and serve hot. This is to be eaten with zwieback which is made as follows : Take nice bread that is very light and porous, that which is two or three days old is better than fresh bread; cut in even slices about two thirds of an inch thick, and place in the warming oven to dry, or in the oven if it is not too hot. If it is toasted too fast or the bread is moist, it will be hard and tough, but if it is dry and toasted slowly, it will be brittle and tender when done. It should be toasted clear through until it is of a light-brown color. It may be made of white, graham, or wholewheat flour.

Lettuce Soup

Pull apart and wash thoroughly as much lettuce as needed, put in a hot saucepan, and shake over the fire until the leaves melt. Sprinkle on salt and then press through a sieve. Mince a little parsley, pound it to a paste, and add to the sifted lettuce, then stir in I quart of nut milk which has been heated. Let boil up once. Season and serve. It may be thickened if desired.

Nut Barley Soup

Prepare the peanuts as in the recipe for peanut soup, and to 2 cups of sifted peanuts take 1 cup of cooked barley, 1 grated onion, and a little salt. Thin with boiling water, and let simmer fifteen or twenty minutes. Serve hot with croutons.

Oatmeal Soup

To 1 cup of cold cooked oatmeal add 1 teaspoonful of grated onion, a little minced celery tops, and salt to suit the taste. Cover and,boil slowly for fifteen minutes, then add .1/2 cup of chopped nut meats. Press through a sieve and return to the fire. When boiling, add water or nut milk, and serve.

Plain Soup

Take 2 tablespoonfuls of peanut butter emulsified in 1 quart of boiling water and cook in a double boiler for one hour. Salt to taste just before serving. This soup may be varied by adding celery, onions, summer savory, or thyme, to flavor, or steamed rice, cooked macaroni, vermicelli, or vegetables cut fine and cooked in the soup.

Pea Soup

Prepare the peas as directed under Peas, and to 1 pint of the sifted peas add 1 level tablespoonful of peanut butter, salt to taste, and if desired, the juice of one onion. Grate the onion, and press out the juice with a spoon. Add sufficient water to make of the right consistency. If thickened with a teaspoonful of flour, it will keep the peas from settling.

Cook the peanuts as directed. (See index.) Sift them through a colander. To the sifted peanuts add water enough to make of the right consistency for soup, and flavor with salt and a little grated onion to taste; or cooked onions pressed through a colander are better still.

Peanut Soup No. 2

Cook peanuts as directed. (See index.) When sifted through a colander, take 3 cups of sifted peanuts to 1 cup of strained tomatoes. Salt to taste. Add enough water to make of the right consistency.