To be successful with this kind of pudding the cook must see that the water is boiling violently when the pudding is placed over it, and must not allow it to fall below the boiling point at any time while the pudding is cooking. Make a soft dough of the following ingredients: -

Two cups of flour; one tablespoon of butter; one-half pint of milk; one large teaspoon of baking powder; one-half teaspoon of salt; one and one-half pints of peaches. Sift the salt, baking powder and flour together, rub in the butter and add the milk. The result will be a dough too soft to roll out and which must be dipped with a spoon. The peaches should be peeled, stoned and cut into rather thick slices. Place the sliced fruit in the pudding-dish, first greasing the sides of the dish with butter; drop the dough by the spoon over the fruit and set the dish in a steamer over a kettle of rapidly boiling water, covering the steamer tightly. Boil for one hour and turn the pudding out without breaking and with the top part down. This brings the peaches uppermost when the pudding is sent to table. Serve with a liquid sauce.