Pickled Oysters

Put 100 large oysters and their liquid over the fire, salt and just let them come to a boil; then draw to back of the stove; skim off the top, take out the oysters with a skimmer and set them aside in an earthen dish to cool; to the liquor in the kettle add a pint of vinegar, a red pepper broken into pieces, rejecting the seed; whole cinnamon, cloves and pepper to the liking, boil and pour hot over the cold oysters; cover and set in cool place. If they are to be kept longer than two or three days put them in cans and keep cool.

Escalloped Oysters

Butter a baking dish, sprinkle a layer of finely rolled cracker crumbs, then arrange a layer of oysters over the crumbs, moisten this well with liquor from oysters. This will suffice to moisten the crackers unless the latter is used too liberally; season with pepper, salt, a generous allowance of butter, cut into bits. Put on another layer of crackers, then more oysters and seasoning, alternating layers until dish is full. Make the top layer of crumbs, add a little milk or cream. Moisten well and bake in rather quick oven. A slow oven and too long cooking will ruin them. Use green corn instead of oysters for a change.

Oyster Omelet

Twelve large oysters, 6 eggs, 1 cup milk, 1 teaspoon butter, salt and pepper and parsley if agreeable. Heat 3 tablespoons butter, pour the milk, yolk of 2 eggs, oysters and seasoning in a dish and mix; add the whites of eggs and 1 spoon of melted butter, with as little stirring as possible, then cook to an appetizing brown, turning the omelet carefully.

Oyster Pie

Four whites of eggs beaten light, 2 cups sweet milk, 1 quart bread crumbs or crackers grated, 1 quart oysters, 1 tablespoon melted butter, salt and pepper to taste. Make into a paste and bake until light brown, put in earthen or granite dish. Low Sparks.

Oyster Roast

Put 1 quart oysters in a basin with their own liquor and let them boil three or four minutes; season with a little salt, pepper and and heaping spoon of butter. Serve on buttered toast.

Creamed Oysters

One pint oysters, 1-8 teaspoonful celery salt, l cups thick white sauce. Clean and cook oysters until plump and edges begin to curl; drain, and add to white sauce, seasoned with celery salt. Serve on toast, or in patty shells.

Fried Oysters

Place oysters in cullender to drain for a few minutes; with a fork remove them separately to a dry towel; place another towel over them, allowing them to remain until all moisture is absorbed.. Have ready the beaten yolks of three eggs and a quantity of rolled crackers, salted and peppered. Dip each oyster separately, first into egg, then into crackers. When all have been thus dipped, have ready a hot spider, into which drop four heaping tablespoons of butter. When butter is melted place in the oysters, one by one; fry a light brown then turn. Serve very hot.