Mixed Mustard Pickles

One gallon pickles, same of onions, cook onions tender in salt water, mix thoroughly before putting the dressing on.


Six tablespoons strong mustard, 1 tablespoon tumeric powder, 1 cups, 2c curry powder, 1 cup flour. Mix all together. Add 2 quarts best vinegar, scald, stirring constantly, then turn the contents over pickles hot. Seal.


One gallon green tomatoes, 1 gallon chopped cabbage, 1 gallon cucumbers, 2 bunches celery, all chopped. Salt tomatoes and cabbage separately and leave stand a few hours, then put to drain over night; in the morning stir all together and heat in weak vinegar, drain again and put in 2 quarts vinegar, 1 pound sugar, celery seed, cinnamon, cloves whole, and tumeric.

Pickles In Grape Leaves

To 1 gallon pickles sprinkle 1 cup salt, cover with boiling water. Let stand over night, drain water off and heat hot and again pour over pickles. Repeat this for three mornings. Drain well, line jar with grape leaves, (washed) then a layer of pickles. Scatter over spices and whole mustard seed; small branches of mustard in the pod is better; then another layer of grape leaves, pickles and spices alternately until jar is almost full. Cover with cider vinegar. Place a small weight on to keep pickles under vinegar. Tie a paper or cloth over the top to keep out the dust. If the vinegar turns white, drain that off and cover with fresh vinegar. In this way pickles will keep any length of time.

Ripe Cucumber Pickles

Take nice, large, ripe cucumbers, pare them, take out the seeds and soak over night in weak salt water, then let them boil a few minutes in weak vinegar, and stay in this twenty-four hours; pour this off and take good, strong vinegar, sweeten well. Add allspice, cloves and cinnamon, let this come to a boil and pour over the cucumbers. Scald the syrup as often as necessary afterward, which will be seldom if made late in the season. After trying this you will not let your ripe cucumbers go to waste.

Dill Pickles

Two quarts vinegar, 1 quart water, cup salt. Wash the pickles and wipe dry. Put in jar a layer of dill and horseradish, cut in small pieces, whole pepper, cloves and bay leaves; then a layer of pickles; alternate the layers until jar is filled; cover with the vinegar mixture. Do not boil any part of it. Make a sack large enough to cover top of crock. Into this put five cents' worth mustard seed, spread on top, then a plate to fit close. These pickles will keep until spring without washing off.