Italian Orange Ice Cream

One pint cream, 12 ounces pulverized sugar, juice of six oranges, 2 teaspoons orange extract, yolks of 8 eggs, a pinch of salt. Freeze.

Lemon Sherbet

Scald rind of one lemon in 1 quart of milk, pint sugar, juice of 3 lemons, let stand over night (not necessary but better). Add milk when ready to freeze. No different if it curdle.

Prune Whip

Stew 1 pound of prunes and pick fine, stir well with chopped nuts, add the well beaten whites of 4 eggs, 1 cups granulated sugar. Bake in slow oven and serve with whipped cream.

Fruit Ice

Squeeze enough fruit in a fruit press to make a pint of juice, add a pint each of water and sugar, pour the whole boiling hot on the whites of 3 eggs, beaten to a stiff froth and whip the mixture thoroughly, when cool freeze in the usual manner. Red raspberry and currant make a fine flavor.

Fruit Blanc Mange

Stew cherries, cranberries or raspberries, strain off the juice and sweeten it; let boil in a bath and stir in corn starch wet in cold water, 2 tablespoons starch for one pint juice, stir until cooked, mould, cool and eat with cream and sugar.

Fruit Ice

Grate finely flavored apples, make them very sweet and freeze. Pears, peaches or quinces grated fine, or stewed and run through a seive, then sweetened very sweet and frozen, are fine.

Ice Cream - One Gallon

One box gelatine dissolved in one quart hot milk strain and add 2 pounds sugar, yolk of 6 eggs well beaten, heat eggs, gelatine and sugar until eggs are cooked. Add 2 quarts cold milk, 1 quart sweet cream, whites of six eggs well beaten, flavor and freeze.

Nut Sherbet

One cup sugar, juice of 2 lemons, put in double boiler and heat yolk of 6 eggs, cooked with eggs and sugar. Beat whites and put in slowly, then add 1 cup walnuts; put in sherbet glasses and set to cool. Enough to serve ten. Put whole half nut on top of each dish.

Fruit Salad

One cup hickorynut meats, 2 oranges, 2 bananas, 1 can pineapple, cut in small pieces, fill sherbet cups half full with fruit, adding sugar to taste; fill with whipped cream. Delicious.

Nut Salad

One box gelatine, pour on 1 quarts cold water, let this heat until it dissolves; 1 can pine apples, turn off the juice, add l cups sugar, add to gelatine, heat, set away to cool, chop pineapple fine, 1 cups of any kind of nuts chopped fine, 1 pint whipped sweet cream, add gelatine when it begins to set. Take silver fork and mix nuts, cream and gelatine together. Keep in cool place, it will last several days.

Ice Cream - One Gallon

Three quarts milk, heat boiling hot, cup flour stirred to a paste, 1 cups sugar, pinch salt, after adding flour cook a few minutes, then strain and set away to cool; when cool add 1 pint cream and flavor with lemon and vanilla. Freeze.

Fruit Punch

Make a syrup by boiling 2 cups sugar, 1 cup water ten minutes, add one cup strong tea, 1 pint cherry juice, 1 pint strawberry juice, juice of 5 lemons, juice of 5 oranges, 1 can grated pineapple; let stand 20 minutes, strain turn into a punch bowl over a piece of ice; add pint candied cherries, \ gallons water. This will serve 50 or 60 people.