Although sweets have not a large place on bachelor menus, there is one - a Milanaise delicacy which raises the entire meal from the dead level of the usual Italian table d'hote, and, as prepared by Caruso and Sgbrilia and other Italians with silver voices, enraptures the eater quite as much as those mellow high notes. Just try a "zabajone a la Milanaise," and fancy eating it while Enrico sings an impassioned love song from " II Trova-tore "or "Carmen"! But of course the two don't go together, so the average person will have to sample either by itself. Take for six persons five yolks of eggs and beat them with a Dover egg beater until they are thick, adding for each egg one and one-half tea-spoonfuls of powdered sugar. Cook this in a double boiler, beating constantly, until the mixture is light and fluffy. Then add drop by drop one half egg-shell full of Marsala wine for each two eggs. Serve at once in cups or punch glasses. Care should be taken not to cook this until it curdles, or to put in too much wine. It should be of the consistency of whipped cream.