Purchase from a druggist some soap-bark, and in the proportion of an ounce of bark to a quart of water steep the bark and let it stand over night. Then strain and add an equal amount of gasolene. Rub this mixture on the wristbands and collar of the coat, using a new clean brush. Go over all the grease spots, and wet the brush in the mixture and go over the entire coat. If the goods has any " right way of the cloth," rub with the twill. Stretch the sleeves and pocket holes and collar, and be careful to keep the entire coat in proper shape. Spread out smooth and flat on a clean cloth on the table, or, if available, an ironing board. Lay a towel over the coat, and with a hot iron press it carefully into the desired shape. After it is dry, brush carefully to remove any lint, and hang it, buttoned, over a coat hanger.