Equipment Necessary for Cold-Pack Canning

1 wash-boiler or lard can with a cover which has been punctured to allow for escape of steam.

1 wooden rack or false bottom to fit in bottom of boiler or lard can and to raise the jars one inch from the bottom of the boiler and allow the water to circulate beneath. If possible the rack should be supplied with long wire handles so that it may be put in and lifted out with all the jars on it at once. There should be a rim around the edge of the rack so that the jars will not slip off when being immersed or lifted out. Fruit jars with covers Rubber to fit jars

1 jar-lifter if the rack is not provided with handles 1 wire basket or cheese cloth to use when blanching 1 colander in which to wash soft fruits and to drain fruits and vegetables which have been dipped 1 wide-mouthed funnel 1 flat wooden paddle 1 1/2 inches wide Directions for Sterilizing Jars, Covers, and Rubbers Wash jars to which good covers have been fitted in hot soapy water and then rinse in clear hot water. Place a rack in the bottom of a dishpan or large kettle. Put 1 inch of cold water into the pan. Stand jars on the rack and put an inch of cold water in each jar. Put the covers on the rack beside the jars. Cover with a second dishpan. Bring the water slowly to boiling point and boil for at least 10 minutes. Remove only one jar at a time when ready to fill. Never dry out the jar. Recover the dishpan each time a jar is removed. Keep water at the boiling point until all the jars needed have been used. Rubbers should not be sterilized with the jars, but should be placed in hot water off the stove about five minutes before using and removed one at a time as needed.