As in all types of cooking the choice of utensils has much to do with success. The best results are obtained by the use of aluminum and glass. In all cases where boiling is carried on the covers must fit tight; the triple utensil is indispensable, for it makes possible the cookery of three things at a time with one radiator. For baked beans, escallops and casserole dishes the covered glass casseroles are invaluable. At the same time still more dish washing is avoided. If the saving of money is no object, economy of time appeals to most women, while to others a cool kitchen is of paramount importance. It is possible absolutely to control the heat in the cooker so that, when anything is put in, one need not fear that it will burn, provided it is left the right length of time. Foods that are boiled, stewed or braised will not be harmed by a little over-cooking, but foods that are baked, as bread, cake and the like, must be removed at the end of the necessary time, or they will burn, for the fireless cooker, when used with the heated radiators, is merely the old Dutch oven brought up to date. If the general principles of range cookery are understood, a few attempts will suffice to give the actual time needed in cooking various foods.