Boiling........12 minutes, flour pale tan color, thermometer 2500.

Radiators of this temperature should be used for boiling cereals, meats, fish, vegetables and fruits.

Slow baking, or faster boiling................................

... 15 minutes, flour light brown, thermometer 325o to 350o. Suitable for casseroles, macaroni and cheese, escalloped cabbage, sponge cake, fruit cake, steamed puddings, etc. Quick baking. .18 minutes, flour brown, thermometer 375o to 400o. Suitable for bread, loaf cakes, baked potatoes, and other baked vegetables, baked beans, biscuits, fish, meat loaves, etc. Roasting. .20 minutes, flour dark brown, thermometer 425° to 450o. Suitable for roasting all kinds of meat.

When two radiators are to be used, the most economical way to heat them is to place one on top of the other, reversing their positions twice during the heating process. It takes half as long again as is necessary to heat one stone. In case the article to be cooked is to be brought to boiling point, the best way to do it is to place it on top of a heating stone, so that the one burner will accomplish both objects. The heating stones may be used to keep things hot for dinner when a hot closet is not available, and many a food which must be re-heated to insure keeping, as soup stock, may be done at this time. In camps and summer cottages the fuel used in heating the stones may do double duty in heating water for dishes, a bit of washing, or the baby's bath.