Christinas Loaf

6 cupfuls sugar 1/8 teaspoonful cream of tartar

1 1/2 cupfuls cold water

Make a fondant of the above ingredients, divide it when done into three parts, flavoring one with almond and coloring it pale green, a second with cinnamon, leaving it white and the third with a square (ounce) of melted chocolate and a little vanilla extract. Only vegetable colorings should be used.

Rub an oblong pan (bread tin) with olive oil and make on the bottom a design of holly with leaves cut from angelica and red candies. Gently press the white layer onto this, spreading it evenly, then press on the green and then the chocolate layer. Let stand twenty-four hours to stiffen, unmould and wrap in paraffine paper. Cut from the loaf as desired.

Uncooked Fudge

7 ounces sweet chocolate

(melted) 1 tablespoonful butter 1 cupful confectioner's sugar

2 eggs

1 1/2 teaspoonfuls vanilla 1 cupful chopped walnut or pecan meats

Melt together the butter and chocolate; stir in the confectioner's sugar and the egg yolks beaten, then the egg whites whipped stiff. Add the vanilla and nut meats. Press into a well-buttered pan, let stand until almost stiff and cut in squares.

Canoe Club Almonds

2 tablespoonfuls melted butter 2 tablespoonfuls light cream 1/2 teaspoonful almond extract

About 2 cupfuls confectioner's sugar 1/2 teaspoonful vanilla extract Whole almonds 1/2 cupful chopped almonds

Mix together the butter, cream and extracts, then beat in confectioner's sugar until the mixture is stiff enough to form. Shape around whole almonds and roll each candy in the chopped nuts. The latter should be blanched and lightly browned in a slow oven.

Peppermint Drops

2 cupfuls granulated sugar 1/2 cupful milk or water

1/8 teaspoonful cream of tartar 2 drops oil of peppermint

Boil together all the ingredients except the flavoring, without stirring, until a soft ball is formed, when a little is tried in cold water, that is 238o F. Cool until tepid, add the flavoring, beat until creamy and drop on oiled paper from a teaspoon or small pitcher.

Wintergreen Drops

Follow the preceding directions, substituting winter-green for the peppermint and coloring the mixture pink.

Coffee Drops

Use the same proportions as for peppermint drops, substituting 1/2 cupful of strong coffee for the liquid and using a half teaspoonful of vanilla for flavoring.

Plain Caramels

1/2 cupful white corn syrup 1 cupful granulated sugar 1 1/3 cupfuls brown sugar 1/4 carton of honey, comb and all

1/3 cupful butter 1 cupful heavy cream 1 cupful light cream 1 1/2 teaspoonfuls vanilla

Combine the corn syrup, sugar, honey, butter and light cream and bring to boiling point. Then stir in the heavy cream and cook to 2500 F., or until a soft, chewy ball is formed when a little of the mixture is tried in cold water. Stir constantly, then add the vanilla, pour into a buttered pan, making the mixture a half-inch deep, and, when stiff enough, turn out, cut in squares and wrap in paraffine paper.

Chocolate Caramels No. 1

Make as above, substituting all white sugar for the two kinds and adding two squares (ounces) of chocolate.

Chocolate Caramels No. 2

1/3 cupful cold water 1/3 cupful milk

1/3 cupful Barbadoes molasses 3 cupfuls medium brown sugar

4 squares (ounces) chocolate

1/2 cupful butter

1/2 teaspoonful vanilla

1 cupful coarse-chopped walnut or hickory-nut meats.

Boil gently together all the ingredients except the nut meats (248o F.) until the mixture hardens to the consistency of a caramel when a little is tried in cold water. Flavor, add the nuts, then pour an inch deep into a pan lined with waxed paper and, when half cold, cut in squares. Wrap each one separately in waxed paper before packing.