Chocolate creams and confections have as a basis a fondant. If chocolate creams are being made, it is best to make the white fondant, but for bon-bons and for the stuffing of fruit, an uncooked fondant gives good results.

To make chocolate creams at home, first shape the centers, making them a little smaller than may seem necessary. The fondant may be divided into portions, flavored and colored with vegetable coloring, according to fancy. Cocoanut may be worked into a vanilla-flavored fondant; peppermint into plain, white fondant; winter-green and pink coloring into white fondant; chopped almonds and pistachio flavoring into a portion; violet coloring and a drop or two of violet perfume into another; chopped hickory nuts or English walnuts, together with a little vanilla flavoring, into another, while equal parts of peanut butter may be used with fondant to make still further variety. These combinations may be augmented as fancy dictates. The fondant centers should stand a few hours before dipping in the chocolate.