1 3/4 cupfuls cottage cheese 6 tablespoonfuls sugar 1/2 cupful light cream 1 tablespoonful melted butter

Grated rind and juice I lemon

3 eggs

1/4 cupful currants

1/4 cupful shaved citron


Rub the chese through a sieve and add it to the sugar, cream, butter, lemon, the eggs, well-beaten, and the fruit.

Line small, fluted pans with pastry, fill with the cheese mixture and bake about fifteen minutes. When half-cooled, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve accompanied by cherry preserves.

Cheese Sticks (From Pastry)

Roll any remaining pie crust thin. Sprinkle plentifully with grated cheese, and dust with paprika. Fold, press the edges lightly together, roll out and add cheese as before. Do this three times, then cut in long narrow strips and bake in a moderate oven.