3 pints chopped meat (beef heart preferred) 6 pints chopped apple 1 pound chopped suet 1 cupful boiled cider 3 cupfuls brown sugar, or 2 cupfuls brown and 1 cupful white sugar 1 cupful Barbadoes molasses

2 tablespoonfuls ground cloves

3 tablespoonfuls salt

3 tablespoonfuls ground cinnamon

1 cupful grape juice

1 tablespoonful nutmeg

1/4 pound citron

3 pounds raisins

1 pound currants

1 cupful, chopped candied orange peel

3 lemons and the grated rind of 1 lemon

Put the suet through the food chopper. Pare, core and quarter the apples, removing all the hulls; chop a little coarser than the meat. Add the other ingredients (except the spices), and 1 1/2 cupfuls of meat stock. Heat gradually, stir occasionally, and cook slowly two hours. Then add the spices and the grape juice.