Roquefort Celery Sticks

Wash and clean the celery, cutting it in three-inch sticks. Dry each thoroughly, then fill with Roquefort cheese, packing it in smoothly. Sprinkle the cheese lightly with chopped olives. Serve with salad, or as an hors d'oeuvre.

Celery And Cream Cheese Sticks

Wash clean celery hearts, and let stand in cold salted water to become crisp. Mix a Neufchatel cheese with a little sweet cream, salt and pepper till smooth. Dry the celery stalks and pack them with the cheese. Chill and serve in a celery tray, on a folded napkin.

If desired, a little minced green pepper or pimento may be added to the cheese.

Neufchatel Bon-Bons

2 Neufchatel cheeses 1/2 teaspoonful salt 1/8 teaspoonful white pepper Few grains paprika

2 tablespoonfuls sweet cream 1/4 cupful powdered, salted, pistachio nuts Salted pecan or walnut meats

Cream together the first five ingredients, form into flat bon-bon shapes, and press a salted nut on each side. Roll the edges in the pistachio nuts and chill.