3 cupfuls cold boiled lobster, diced

1 cupful diced celery

2 tablesooonfuls olive oil

1 tablespoonful vinegar Salt and pepper Mayonnaise Lettuce

Mix together the lobster, celery, oil and vinegar, and then add mayonnaise to moisten. Chill, arrange on lettuce leaves and garnish with mayonnaise; dust with powdered parsley.

Lobster Salad In Scallop Shells

Prepare Lobster Salad according to the preceding recipe. Fill small scallop shells with the mixture, pour a little mayonnaise over the top, and garnish with capers, figures cut from pimentoes and parsley.

Lobster Mousse

2 cupfuls pounded cooked lobster meat 2 teaspoonfuls mayonnaise dressing 1 cupful heavy cream

2 tablespoonfuls granulated gelatine

Few grains salt and pepper

3 cupfuls cooked oyster plant Additional mayonnaise Lettuce

Soften the gelatine in water to cover; then melt it over steam. Add the seasoning and mayonnaise to the lobster and fold in the cream and gelatine. Pour into a border mould and chill. Unmould on lettuce leaves and fill the center with the oyster plant, mixed lightly with French dressing. Serve with additional mayonnaise.

Crab meat, salmon, or tuna fish may be substituted for the lobster. In the two last cases one-half table-spoonful lemon juice should be added to the mixture.