Bake a plain silver cake in two layers. Put together with strawberry jam, frost all over with plain white icing, cover the sides with cocoanut, and garnish the top with a spray, fashioned of strawberry candies, with stems and leaves made of angelica.

St. Valentine's Cake

1 1/4 cupfuls sugar

3/4 cupful butter or oleomargarine

3 eggs

1 cupful milk

3 teaspoonfuls baking powder

3 cupfuls pastry flour 1/8 teaspoonful salt 1 teaspoonful vanilla 1 cupful chopped nut meats (any kind)

Cream the butter, gradually beat in the sugar, then the eggs, well-beaten, and the vanilla. Mix two cupfuls of the flour with the baking powder and salt, and add alternately to the mixture with the milk. Flour the nuts with the remaining flour and fold into the cake. Bake in an angel-cake pan in a moderate oven. Frost and garnish in valentine designs, as fancy dictates.