Stuffed Figs

Select moist pulled figs, remove the stem ends, split open lengthwise and fill each with half a marshmallow, pressing in a raisin as a finish, or with a mixture of chopped nuts and raisins and prunes, with orange flavored fondant, or chopped orange peel.

Stuffed Raisin Clusters

Select fine cluster raisins, split each raisin with a sharp knife and insert a bit of candied cherry or a half blanched almond in each. In finishing a box of candy with such a cluster, leaves cut from angelica will add a lively note.

Stuffed Dates

Remove the stones from the dates and fill with orange-flavored fondant, English walnuts, almonds, or pecan nuts, the mixture for Canoe Club Almonds, or peanut butter. In case the latter is used, roll the dates in finely chopped peanuts; otherwise in granulated sugar.

Stuffed Prunes

Select large prunes, scrub well and let soak for two hours. Remove the stones, drain the prunes well and fill the centers with fondant and nuts, or fondant and preserved ginger. Roll in granulated sugar and let stand over night to ripen.