No. 1.

Vanilla ice-cream Sponge cake

4 egg-whites

4 tablespoons powdered sugar

Fill a round mold with vanilla ice-cream, pack and freeze, hard. At serving time, beat the whites of the eggs until light, add the powdered sugar and whip until light and dry. Turn the ice-cream on to a sheet of sponge cake placed on a board and cover it thoroughly with the meringue. Dust well with powdered sugar and set the whole in a hot oven (400°-450° F.) for a moment to brown. Place on a serving platter and serve at once.

No. 2, Individual - Cut sponge cake into thick slices and cut out the center of each slice, leaving about half an inch on each of the four sides and on the bottom. Set these cake boxes on a board, put slices of well frozen ice-cream inside, and cover with meringue, piling it up at the sides. Set in a hot oven

(400°-450° F.) for a moment to brown the meringue. Remove to a serving-dish and fill the hollows on top with any preserved fruit or nut mixture.