No. 1.

1 quart tender okra pods Salt and pepper

3 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon vinegar

Test the okra by breaking off the tips of the pods. If there are tough strings that will not break easily the pod is too old to be served as a vegetable and should be kept for a soup or sauce which is to be strained. The pods of okra are so sticky that special care is needed to avoid breaking them during the cleaning. Wash them well, and remove the stems, place in sufficient boiling water to cover them and boil until tender (20-40 minutes) . Add salt just before cooking is completed. Okra should boil very slowly, as rapid boiling will break it in pieces. When it is tender, turn into a colander to drain, then lay it in a serving dish. Melt the butter, add the vinegar and a little salt and pepper; mix well, and pour the sauce over the okra.

No. 2.

2 cups okra 2 tomatoes

Salt and pepper 1 tablespoon butter

Test and wash the okra as above; remove stems and cut the pods into slices, crosswise. Place in a granite stew-pan, just cover with boiling water and simmer until tender (20-40 minutes). Add the tomatoes, peeled and chopped, and stew for ten minutes longer. Add butter, salt and pepper, and serve.