Corned Beef Hash

2 cups chopped corned beef 2 cups chopped cooked potatoes Salt and pepper

1/2 cup milk or water 2 tablespoons butter or other fat

Mix beef and potatoes together lightly and season. Pour the milk into a frying-pan with half the fat and, when this is warm, turn in the hash, spreading it evenly and placing the rest of the fat, cut in pieces, on the top. Cover the pan and place it where the hash will cook slowly for half an hour. There should then be a rich, thick crust on the bottom. Do not stir the hash. Fold it as an omelet is folded and place it on a warm platter. This slow process of heating the hash gives it a flavor that can not be obtained by hurried cooking.

Creamed Dried Beef

1/2 pound dried beef

2 tablespoons butter or other fat 2 cups milk

4 tablespoons flour Pepper

1 egg

Place the butter or other fat and one and one-half cups of milk in a small frying-pan. When hot, add the beef, shredded. Cook three minutes. Rub the flour smooth in one-half cup cold milk, add a dash of pepper and stir into the beef. As soon as it thickens, draw the pan back , simmer five minutes, add the well-beaten egg and serve at once. The hot gravy will cook the egg sufficiently. The egg may be omitted.

Veal. Veal Pot Pie

3 pounds veal 2 onions

Salt and pepper 5 potatoes

The neck, ends of ribs, knuckle, breast or shoulder may be used. Cut the meat into two-inch cubes and place them in a kettle with the onion, salt and pepper, and just enough hot water to cover them. Simmer until the meat is tender, about an hour usually being sufficient. Strips of salt pork are sometimes cooked with the veal and add much to the flavor. Half an hour before serving, add the potatoes, cut in halves, and cook them with the meat.

Place dumplings around the edge of a platter and with a skimmer lift the meat and potato from the kettle and lay them in the center. Thicken the gravy in the kettle with a little flour stirred to a thin smooth paste with water. Pour the gravy over meat and dumplings. (The Index will tell you where to find the recipe for dumplings.)

Braised Veal

5 pounds veal

2 tablespoons butter or other fat

1 tablespoon sliced onion

Salt and pepper

4 cups boiling water

The breast, neck, shoulder, ends of ribs or knuckle may be used. Heat the fat and onion in a kettle. Season the veal with salt and pepper, put it into the kettle and sear it on all sides until brown. Pour over it the boiling water and cover tightly. Set the kettle in a slow oven ( 350° F.) and bake for two and one-half hours. Serve either hot or cold. If served hot, make a thickened sauce of the liquor in the kettle. When cold, the gravy will form a jelly to serve with the cold meat.

Veal Pie

2 pounds veal

Puff paste or other rich paste

2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons fat 1 teaspoon salt Pepper

Cut the meat into small pieces and stew until tender. Line a baking-dish with paste. Set a small inverted cup in the middle of the dish. Put in the meat, dredge it with flour, add fat and seasoning, and nearly cover with the stock in which the meat was cooked. Cover with paste. Bake thirty minutes in a quick oven (450° F.). If one-half pound of good salt pork or ham is cut in thin slices and parboiled with the veal, a nice flavor is added and very little, if any, butter need then be used, nor is any other salt necessary. Hard-cooked eggs cut in slices and arranged in layers on the veal and ham are an addition to this dish. When serving, lift the inverted cup and let the gravy flow back into the dish.