Fruit beverages are particularly valuable in the diet. They should be served more frequently than any of the others except milk. The time has passed when we think of them as only for formal or semi-formal occasions or for the warmest Summer days. They offer most desirable minerals, are rich in vitamins, and, because of the sugar used to sweeten them, are fairly high in fuel value. Most of the fruit-juices have a wholesome laxative effect. In the Summer they make refreshing drinks; through the "Winter, the juices that have been bottled during the warmer months plus the fresh juices available from the citrus fruits are a source of vitamins and minerals, which may be so lacking in the diet at that time; and in the Spring they are most valuable stimulants to the jaded appetite. The tang of their acid flavor and their attractive color make them welcome additions to the table.

Grape-juice, pineapple-juice, tomato-juice concentrated grapefruit-juice and orange-juice, etc., for making fruit beverages, may be bought in bottles or cans.

Combinations of Fruits - Any combination of fruit-juices will make a successful beverage provided some of the more tart juices, such as those from lemons, sour oranges, apple cider or rhubarb, are present to give the necessary acidity.

Sugar Sirups - A beverage sweetened with a sugar sirup is better than one to which unmelted sugar has been added. The sirup gives a smoother texture and is easily mixed through the whole drink, while sugar has a tendency to sink to the bottom.

The amounts of sugar given in the recipes can not be exact, as the sugar must vary according to the acidity of the fruit and individual taste.

Utensils - It is best to use silver, glass or stainless steel in cutting fruit, or for pressing or stirring the juices. Some metals give a metallic flavor to the beverage. Utensils of glass, china, enamel or wood are the most desirable to use for holding the juices.

Chilling - Fruit beverages may be chilled by putting cracked ice into the beverage or into a bowl in which the container holding the beverage is set. Ice cubes made in the trays of the mechanical refrigerator are excellent for chilling beverages.