No. 1.

Sweet cucumber pickles made by the following recipe will keep for several years without being sealed.

Choose very small cucumbers. Soak them in weak brine (two tablespoons salt to one quart water) over night. Next morning remove the cucumbers, scald the brine and skim it, turn it over the pickles again and let them stand for two days. Repeat this process on the third morning and let the pickles stand two days longer. Then scald the brine each morning until the eighth day, removing the pickles and pouring the hot brine over them each time. On the eighth day, remove the pickles from the brine, cover them with spiced vinegar, heat thoroughly, and place them in clean, hot jars.

No. 2.

7 pounds cucumbers

1 ounce cinnamon

2 ounces cloves

1 tablespoon allspice 1 quart vinegar 3 pounds sugar

Pare, quarter and seed large cucumbers. Wash thoroughly, then soak for four days in salt and water (two tablespoons salt to one quart water), changing the brine every day. Put the spices in a bag. Boil the cucumbers with the vinegar, sugar and spice until the cucumbers are clear. It is best to watch carefully and remove each piece when it is clear. Pack in clean, hot jars and seal.