Sweet Pickles - Fruits, ripe cucumbers and melon-rinds are pickled in a sweet, spiced vinegar solution.

Mixed Pickles - Various combinations of vegetables may be pickled together as mixed pickles.

Relishes - Vegetables chopped fine and pickled are called relishes.

Chow-Chow, Chili Sauce and Piccalilli are forms of relishes.

Chutney - A sweet pickle highly seasoned, made from a variety of chopped vegetables or vegetables and fruits, is called a chutney. Chutneys are served with cold meats, sausages or stews.

Catchup and Sauces - Many fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, are chopped fine, cooked in the pickling solution and strained to form a thick fluid or sauce.

Tomatoes, Peppers or other vegetables or fruits stuffed with various mixtures and pickled are popular in some sections.

Dill Pickles and Sauerkraut - In these two forms of pickle, vinegar is not used. The vegetable is allowed to ferment in a salt solution and the only acid present is the lactic acid formed by the action of the bacteria upon the sugar in the vegetable. In dill pickles, the dill is added for flavor. Plain salted cucumbers may be prepared in the same way without the dill. They are removed from the brine, soaked over night in cold water, and put in a pickling vinegar and prepared as needed.