The ready-to-use pectins are very helpful in making jelly. It does not matter if the fruit is low in natural pectin, the pectin extract will jelly any fruit with which it is used. Hence, many fruits such as cherry, raspberry, peach, etc., which do not make a good jelly alone, can be used with concentrated pectin. This assurance of success recommands it to the woman who has never been a highly successful jelly-maker. Others prefer to use it because it is always ready; and also because the pectin extract has been subjected to much heat in preparation and is very concentrated, so that it is neither necessary nor wise to heat the fruit more than the few moments the directions advise. Unfortunately sometimes more heat is used than directed and consequently the pectin breaks down and the jelly is unsuccessful. Much the same thing happens when jelly made by the usual method is overcooked.

Since jellies or jams made with ready-to-use pectins require little cooking, there is little loss from evaporation and so larger quantities are obtained than when the natural pectin of the fruit is depended upon*

Several types of combined fruit-juices and pectin are now on the market for use in making quick jellies.